Tuesday, 26 June 2007


By Fatmir Terziu

I’m in those cosy evenings, enjoying winter. These evenings attached by fireside. Always in my scrutiny – the comfort of an electric blanket, the tang of frosty morning air. I see the skeletons of trees along Wandle River in Wandle Park near Colliers Wood or Wimbledon, while my camera is shaking on my hands. The trees tracery as delicate as that of the roof of a Gothic Cathedral are dancing. Birds grow tamer, foxes and rabbits leave footprints in the snow, the owl’s cry pierces the night air with a call infinitely more thrilling than that boring, repetitive cuckoo, cuckoo.
I’m still part of this drama, this kind of drama that we all camera users secretly relish but seldom experience. The drama of a man with camera versus the elements, which touches a nerve buried way back in our past, when mankind used to forget that global warming, climate change can be most dangerous for it’s life, and he is to blame for effects on climate change.
Of course, there is a price for everything, including winter’s pleasures.
24/01/2007 & 08/02/2007
Winter, Season of Content
Back home. I heard of snow-blocked roads, stranded trains, annulated flights, travel canceled, schools closed and helicopters rescuing lost mountaineers. All of us have been advised to carry spades and flasks in our motorcars when we embark on a day-journey. Nothing like that can be conjured up in summer, - I thought.
Nothing is perfect, and I must admit snags; frozen pipes, chilblains and skidding into ditches can’t be recommended.
At last back to my filming archive. I thank Heaven that I’ve got what I need. Even so, when changes happening or new happening about climate change I have to think about it. It is documentary.
I just remembered to express something more about the nature's beauty on these snow days. A grouchy attitude, I know. one should revel joyfully in nature's abundance.
I will admit to "daffodils, that come before the swallow dares", in sheets of golden splendour that lift the spirit even when hands and feet are blocks of ice and camera stands just a tool in your camera-bags.
But these winter day's are more grand and simple, like a ring of trumpets compared to a sonata's complexity, even though they are part of that is affecting all of as, part of climates change.
Today is a day that is related to love and flowers, like a symbol-gift of love, are always present. Even the nature with its climate change has given to us natural flowers, that unexpected to blossom this month. So the flowers!
The exuberant beauty of flowers has appealed to artists ever since the time of Pausias, the master flower painter of ancient Greece. Though the ages, the spirituality of Flowers and their symbolism in religion (blue iris for the Maddona, the orange lily for the Christ Child) have emphasized varying aspects of the fragile blooms... Now the nature is doing the same thing as artist have done in the past. The simple question is behind: Who is copying in fact? Artist is copying the nature or nature is trying to create relation with the painter’s hands? 14/02/2007
A noxious form of oxygen, ozone impairs vision and breathing when it occurs in smog. But in the upper atmosphere, 12 to 30 miles above the ground, it protects life on earth by intercepting the sun's damaging ultraviolet radiation.
During the past 18 years this protective layer of ozone has become thinner each spring over the South Pole, as seen in some images published by Scientist Panel 2007 in France.
According to this panel our mistakes are costly. people spend billion pounds a year on medical problems caused by outdoor pollutants. this outdoor pollutants may exact an annual health bill of a billion pounds.
"The most significant thing we've seen in the past few years has been the increase in other greenhouse gases-methane and chlorofluorocarbons gases"- said Mr. Palman.


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