Tuesday, 26 June 2007


By Fatmir Terziu

One of the first decisions a Documentary Producer has to make is what sort of documentary he wants to put on. This is bound to reflect his feelings about documentary, about society, about nature and relationship of the society with the nature, about dramatically exploitable situations in the human predicament, and the material that is available. I believe that if he hasn’t got a personal attitude to the sort of work he is doing, an inconsistency of style and content will be apparent in the finished product.
To do this it is essential to search for a quality of writing, or direction and of acting which one believes will excite or stimulate or entertain an audience. But the play or idea is the springboard where it all starts.
To select and evaluate the script is important collaboration with script editors. Occasionally the initial contact is between the author and script editor. This was the case with Clouds of Smoke with a difference that the director, producer, scriptwriter and editor were I. Even though I was the only person responsible for making the documentary I never avoided consultations with professionals such as DEFRA’s manager Alex Palman, BBC’s journalist Mike Sergant and LSBU staff of DFVP, Dr. Charlotte Crofts and Chris Elliott.
After many consultations and discussions, while the formal presentation was done and lot’s of people commented and discussed on it, the documentary was put on the right track. What Simon Smith said of the documentary during the presentation of my three minutes prepared video, I thought that I am doing a good job due to presentation of climate change in my documentary.
Documentary would basically start with a rhetoric questions: “Is this man guilty? Is it fair to accuse this woman? Have these two ladies done anything wrong?” to link with the idea of “mankind is to blame” from Intergovernmental Scientist Panel 2007 in France, a rhetoric question where a man, a lady and two other ladies are on front of the camera, doing respectably a normal daily job. The man guides with bicycle in a tiny park street covered with snow, a lady is using the toilet sink to wash hands, while two other ladies are on their normal journey walking with the dogs in a park area.
During writing Clouds of Smoke I learned that what I want to say. During the producing the documentary I had a clear picture in my mind about what to buy and during directing it I learned how to interpret the story. When all these factors was working together, I initiated that documentary is a great communication to the audience I am expecting for.

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