Monday, 17 December 2007


To complete its travelogue Gerrit van der Linden feel the need to show some daily life pictures of Albania, during the summer 2007 and portrait the people of Albania. What you think about these two pictures in contrast to Albanian poet Andon Zako Cajupi:
"Burrat nen hije
lozin kuvendojne
pika qe s'u bie
se nga grate rrojne..."
"Men under shadow
enjoy and play
what a shame for them
from ladies' work they live..."

While in the main street the regular marketstuf is being sold there are allways sideways where farmerswives sit down to sell there goods just before them on the street. Here three elder women, the most common group on markets, are selling their herbes and vegetables while discussing the things that life had brought lately, covering their heads for the sun whio already sweeps up the temperature on a this warm day.
Here you see a typical summer evening scene in a Albanian park. The men gather to play games. For a table they use just a piece of paper. The parks are realy filled uop with men playing games like here in Elbasan. One of the major towns but with a real provincial atmosphere.These girls, hiding for the sun, are selling cherries in strings. They select the best ones to sell directly and the rest is going to the market.
Here they are sitting under an umbrella on the road from Tirana too Elbasan - that's how big roads can be in Albania - to wait for cars to stop or once in a year a group of cyclists.

Do you think it is true? Put your comments...

A young Albanian man smokes a cigarette as his younger wife carries hay alongside the main road near Elbasan, February 24, 2003.

In rural Albania, as all over the world, 'tradition' dictates that women to do all the house chores with men never helping, as this is seen to be a sign of weakness. REUTERS/Arben Celi

Some comments:

  1. I can empathize with the women's tired expressions; I feel the same way in the heat. The bright green of the vegetables, with the sprayer to keep them fresh provides excellent contrast to the steaming heat of the women against the baking wall.
  2. I really love this triple portrait of these women. The daily life scene is very well captured and perfectly composed, with lovely details to observe. I love their natural expressions and the green vegetables in foreground. The cover on their heads is a funny touch. Excellent shot!
  3. This overhead POV is marvellous for catching these men engrossed in playing their games. They seem totally unaware of the camera and are all concentrating hard. The bicycle enhances, matching its owner's shirt, and I like the way you used the grasses in the foreground to help frame the shot. Very fine work. I like this photo very much.

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Anonymous said...

I don't like to comment on the daily-life stile. It's up to them, but what about this 21 century and 'modernisation'...