Thursday, 19 March 2009

The rich man

Fatmir Terziu

Once upon a time in a beautiful country lived one of the richest men. This man was a cruel and stingy person. The only lovely thing he had was his daughter. One day he decided to throw a big party and invite all the people in the world. He ordered his servants to find anyone who could invent a machine that with a bottle of wine, a bread and chicken can feed all the people. In exchange to him he would give his daughter for a wife.
Not too far from there lived a young and clever man. He had already invented the machine. On the day of the party he was there in the garden. As soon as the first visitors came he gave them a glass of wine, a piece of bread and meat that the inventor extracted from the machine. With a drop of wine, a tiny bit of bread and meat all the people were fed. After a few seconds incredibly the people became tiny as ants. All the fields around were filled with millions of tiny people.
The rich man looking from his veranda giggled and laughed. These creatures were funny. He wanted to try it himself and to see what would happen. As soon as he tried the wine, bread and meat he changed like the other people.
“Okay,” he said to the young man, “Change me as I was before.”
But sadly it didn’t happen again. As much as drops of wine, bread and meat he put in his mouth he became smaller and smaller as a grain of sand. Other small people started to play with him.
After many days all the tiny people were hungry and started eating every thing that they could find. Soon the country was as plain as paper. The beautiful country was now a wilderness.
Fjala e Lire - Free Speech

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